Utility Telephone Numbers

  • AmerenCIPS (electrical & gas) – (888) 789-2477
  • Mediacom (cable) – (888) 845-6245
  • City of Carbondale Water Department – (618) 457-3265

Parking / Towing

Parking pass decals are to be placed in the rear window of your vehicle.  If your windows are tinted, place the decal on your front windshield so it is easily visible to the towing company.  One Guest-Parking pass is issued for each apartment.  If you need an additional guest-parking pass, you can purchase a temporary one from our office at the rate of $1.00 per night.  If a vehicle has been towed please do not call the office, that issue should be resolved with the towing company.  


You are responsible for the actions of your guests.  Any property damaged by tenants and/or their guests will be charged to the tenant and possible legal action will be taken.

Cable / Internet

Your cable and internet is provided by Mediacom.  If you experience technical difficulties, please contact them directly at 888-845-6245.  If they cannot resolve your issue over the phone, they will send a tech to your apartment.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KEEPING THE APPOINTMENT.  Also, if Mediacom sends a tech who finds nothing wrong with their equipment or the wiring, but resolves the issue through “customer education,” you will be billed for the service call which is generally $35.00.